Edible Wild Food

Henbit Flower

Henbit Flower

The Edible Wild Foods website says;

Wild edibles exist almost everywhere and are in abundance if you feel like foraging for them. Edible wild food has existed in almost every corner of our planet for tens of thousands of years. Edible weeds, flowers and wild herbs were foraged and used as food (as well as medications); and they provided all the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients required for the human body to maintain good health. Foraging for food used to be the way to survive.

Chances are edible weeds are in your backyard, on pathways you walk every day, or in fields you see every day. Many of these plants can be foraged and added to your daily diet to increase your nutritional intake.

There’s a plethora of wild herbs, weeds, flowers, shrubs, trees and vines all safe to eat so long as you identify them properly and know what part of the plant is usable!

I had heard that chickweed was edible, but I didn’t know that henbit was not only edible but had medical as well as health benefits. There are so many great ones. I previously posted about making Kudzu Blossom Jelly out of the bane of most places in the USA Kudzu but there are so many good uses for Kudzu some health, some medical, some useful. Only the seeds and pods are not edible.

And did I mention, they have a recipe section!

Like they said on Edible Wild Foods website, chances are you have edible weeds in your own backyard, on pathways you walk every day, or in fields you see every day! I am already looking, but will be broadening my scope! Enjoy!

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